OF EDEN

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Notice to Parents:  In compliance with the Safe Sanctuary policy, please accompany your children if they need to leave the sanctuary during the worship service.

The flowers in the Sanctuary are given to the Honor and

Glory of God and in memory of Larry & Dora Stultz,

Connie & Ora Wright, Jimmy & Misty Lee Johnson,

Kyle Carter and Patricia Gentry by Keith & Martha Stultz

and Steve & Allison Glaspie.   


Today we welcome our Homecoming Speaker

Rev. Michael “Mickey” Moree who served here

1993-1996 and retired in 2015.  Retirement has given

him an opportunity to serve Midway United Methodist Church, a small membership church in Statesville he which he continues to serve.   

We will be collecting 50 - 1lb. bags of pinto beans for CCM and Rockingham Rescue Mission to be taken to Main Street UMC by October 3.

Calling all volunteers!  Saturday, October 7 at 11am we

will gather to prepare hotdogs, cookies and condiments

to be given away at 1pm.  Some volunteers have already

been trained, but we need more!  The Draper Dogs will

be given away in the parking lot.  Come and see!   


If you would like to adopt a girl for the 2017-2018 Girl Scout year, please contact Wendy Johnson at 336-635-3975.



September Birthdays: Ethan Jones 1, Alexis Guerra 3,

Oba Hanna, Josh Jones & Lawrence Johnson 4, Carol

Talbert 10, Pastor Sue Anne Morris 16, Randy Crews 18, Naomi Johnson 21, Polly Setliff 23, Lewis Walker 30


September Anniversaries: Ralph & Ruby West 3,

Lewis & Elva Jackson 18, Bill & Polly Setliff 23

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