OF EDEN

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Notice to Parents:  In compliance with the Safe Sanctuary policy, please accompany your children if they need to leave the sanctuary during the worship service.

The Music, Arts and Drama Summer Camp participants, teachers and director would like to express our great appreciation to all of you that prayed, volunteered and made the 2017 Camp a wonderful success!

July Birthdays: Cliff Ball 5, Jean Weddle 6, Richard Agee & Neil Morrison 9, Tena Talbert 14, Iotha Morris & Drew Talbert 15, Allison Glaspie 18, Bruce Johnson 19, Medre Cruise 21, Teresa Walker 22, Arline Barrow 27, Melvene Boone & Sandra Darnell 31

July Anniversaries:  Caleb & Kendra (Cruise) Holley 14